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Then I realized that I had nothing left to hope for.

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19 June
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Hello! I'm Carly, but you can also call me Ryo-chan! I'm 21, I'm currently residing in Texas. I've been a JE fan since early 2007, and a JUMP fan since their debut. This journal is going to be strictly used for posting my fanfic works. I don't have one OTP, I love a bunch of pairings, and I love all of the Johnny's groups (and by all, I mean every group to ever exist. All of them, starting from 1964-now), as well as the Juniors, however I pretty much only write JUMP. Please, I'm always excited to meet other Johnny's fans, so don't be shy! Shoot me a message with any questions or concerns, and I'll be happy to answer them to the best of my ability! As of right now I do NOT take fic requests, but I am always happy to beta for anyone that decides to take up writing, and would like someone to review anything they want to post! You can find a masterlist of all of my fic here!
I have a younger sister that also is a Johnnys fan, and she writes fic as well! You can find her over at thanku4urlove! Please check her out!
Also, I have a newer lj for my graphics! You can find those over at ryosgraphics

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